Projector Repairing Course

Expert ChipTech Projector Repairing Course

Expert ChipTech has launched the full-fledged course for the Projector Repairing and maintenance. We are completely devoted to the repairing industry and therefore have prepared a comprehensive course on Advance Projector Repairing.

Course Syllabus

Modules of Advance Project Repairing Course

  1. Various kind of Projector motherboard information.
  2. Display technologies of projector - Led / LCD projector
  3. Common problem of different projector like Epson , Panasonic ,Samsung , Canon etc.
  4. Projector lens fault finding.
  5. Blurry image error.
  6. Shadow problem on dispalying.
  7. Projector Input / Output problem.
  8. PC / Laptop connectivity error.
  9. Projector power problem.
  10. Projector restart problem.
  11. Projector color problem.

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