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Chip Level Laptop Repairing Course

Chip Level Laptop Repairing Course

Our laptop repairing courses are designed to make you an expert technicien.
We have developed expert training methods specifically designed for the youth, undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates from engineering and non-engineering background enabling them to make a career in Advance Chip Level Laptop Repairing.
You will also learn about advance testing and repairing tools like CRO Machine & BGA machine, universal BIOS programmer, IRDA machine & SMD component tester, etc.

Course Syllabus

  1. Basic electronics and micro components
  2. AC / DC Fundamentals
  3. How to Use & Testing of electronic components
  4. Resistors, Capacitors, Diode, Inductors & Fuse
  5. Transistors & Transformer
  6. IC's & Mosfet
  7. Identification of all types of chip, ports, socket, slots etc.
  8. Working Concept of Motherboard. Concept of RESET, READY, CLOCK Signal.
  9. VRM Circuit- Overview, Tracing, Hot Testing, Shorting Problem in VRM Circuit, Troubleshooting, .
  10. Internal Structure of VRM Chip, Volt Sense Circuit Concept, Programmable circuit, VID Concept. .
  11. RAM Supply: Identification of all Types of Desktop RAM, RAM Operating Voltage, RAM Supply Pin, All types of possible circuit of RAM Supply. Hot Testing. .
  12. Clock Generator Circuit: Identification of Clock Generator, Tracing, Use of Frequency Counter to measure Clock, Troubleshooting. .
  13. USB Port Circuit: USB Port Supply Pin Tracing, Data Pin Tracing. .
  14. Sound Circuit: Tracing, Supply Circuit of Sound Chip. .
  15. PS 2 Port Circuit: Pin Details of PS 2 Port, Supply Circuit, DATA and CLOCK Circuit. .
  16. Sound Circuit – Tracing, Supply, Troubleshooting. .
  17. BIOS settings of different laptops: As AWARD, AMI, INTEL, MITSUBISHI, HYUNDAI, SST, WINBOND, PHOENIX, etc.
  18. Testing of batteries and power adaptors
  19. Replacing of faulty chips using Rework Station
  20. Laptop Harddisk repairing
  21. Touch screen / LCD Screen / LED screen replacement & fault finding.
  22. laptop assembling / disassembling
  1. Bridge section
  2. Vin section
  3. Step down section
  4. Charging section
  5. Vrm section
  6. Rom section(bios)
  7. Clock generator section
  8. I/o section
  9. Usb section
  10. Keyboard section
  11. Touchpad section
  12. sata section
  13. audio section
  14. lan section
  15. lvds section
  16. wifi section
  17. CFL section
  1. Laptop Components identify
  2. Bios Setting
  3. Partition Magic
  4. Partitioning, Formatting
  5. Window Installation(Windows 98, XP SP1,2,3,Vista,Win-7,Win-8)
  6. Online Driver Installation
  7. offline Driver Installation
  8. Driver Backup/Restore
  9. Windows Backup Restore
  10. Window File Repair
  11. Data Recovery
  12. Virus Problem
  13. Auto run Virus Remove
  14. Sound Problem
  15. Touchpad Problem
  16. USB Problem
  17. LAN Problem
  18. Camera Problem
  19. CD-DVD Rom Problem
  20. Bios password Break
  21. Admin password Break
  22. Troubleshooting
  23. Online Support
  24. Application Installation
  25. Part of Laptop
  26. Laptop Assembling and dissembling.
  27. Installation of application software on laptop.
  28. Function and block diagram of Laptop.
  29. Adapter.
  30. Battery.
  31. Inverter Section and CCFL.
  32. Hard disk.
  33. CD/DVD drive and writer.
  34. RAM and ROM.
  35. Keyboard and Touchpad.
  36. Desktop motherboard.
  37. Laptop motherboard.
  38. Different section detail.
  39. ICs detail and function.
  40. Different connectors and sockets.
  41. Fault finding procedure of laptop.
  42. Use of Debug card post error code.
  43. Common problem of different motherboards.
  44. Fault finding using analog and digital multi- meter.
  45. Fault finding using Oscilloscope (CRO).
  46. Removing ICs by Hot Air Gun Machine (SMD    Machine).
  47. iCs re-bolling by BGA machine.
  48. BIOS update and password.
  49. Different password removing methods and steps.
  50. Basic Electronics
  51. Chip Level Practical (Using Solder iron, SMD Machine, IRDA, SMD  Machine)
  52. Troubleshooting (Chip Level Troubleshooting using oscilloscope, LCR Meter, IRDA, SMD Machine)
  53. Tracing:- (Block Diagram, Identification of I.C, Different I.C Names, Source - Destination, Set Dead Problem, Charging Problem, Display Problem, Display Light Problem, Audio Sound Problem, DVD Writer Problem, USB Port Problem, Touchpad Problem, Finger Prints Problem , Webcam Problem , Wi-Fi Problem, Bluetooth problem, Adaptor Problem , S.M.P.S Problem ,All type Of Processors P4 , Dual Core, Core 2 Duo, i3, i5, i7) Tracing through circuit diagram (each section) , Learning Of Fault finding , Practice on Boards , Practical Training with Experts)
  54. Laptop Motherboard Block Diagram.
  55. Laptop Motherboard Tracing in Circuit.
  56. Practice on Laptop Motherboard Hot Testing
  57. Hard Disk Repair and maintenance, Backup Restore, Recovery
  58. Laptop Motherboard Fault Finding through Debug Card, Oscilloscope and Multimeter.
  59. Our Testing and Repairing Tools
  60. Projector
  61. CRO Machine
  62. CPU Tester
  63. BGA Machine
  64. Bios Programmer
  65. IRDA Machine
  66. SMD Tester
  67. Digital Multimeter
  68. Advance Magnetic Screw Driver kit.
  69. Desktop Diagnostic Card
  70. Laptop Diagnostic Card.
  71. Some Problem wise training
  72. Define different Laptop problems
  73. Common Laptop Notebook Chip
  75. IO CHIP
  76. CPU power supply chips
  77. Charge discharge control chip
  78. CPU temperature control chip
  79. Graphics Brand
  80. Ethernet chips
  81. Sound audio Chip
  82. PC Card Chip
  83. COM port chip
  84. Keyboard-chip
  85. Keyboard chip
  86. Battery IC :
  87. Memory control chip
  88. Clock IC :
  89. lcd back light control
  90. Ddr memory power supply
  91. Other Common chipset
  92. Mosfets Used
  93. Crystal (14.318 Clock )
  94. Connector Socket(display, battery, dvdrom, modem, keypad, touchpad, onoff panel etc)
  95. Fault finding and troubleshooting of motherboards
  96. Tracing different connectors and socket with related component and chip
  97. Testing and using of different components
  98. Dc to dc power regulator sections
  99. Power supply to different chips vcc core, 5vsus, +1.5v, 1.8vsus, 5v, 10v, 2.5v
  100. Cpu core voltage, vid signals, vrm section, mosfet of vrm
  101. Clock generation circuits
  102. Bois chips section, rtc chip
  103. Power good , reset,frame, clock, bios signals
  104. Fault finding and troubleshooting.
  105. How to read different component datasheet.
  106. Basic cleaning and washing method of motherborad
  107. Smd component pratice removal and inserting different components
  108. Training using cro osciloscope
  109. Finding fault using cro osciloscope
  110. Use of debug card post error code
  111. Finding fault using post debug card
  112. Training using eeprom programmer
  113. Bios update using eeprom programmer
  114. Training using bga soldering station
  115. Removing bga chips and rebolling it using reball stencil
  116. Ics rebolling, bga ball arrangement, pratice
  117. Training using solder batch
  118. Removing socket & connectors using solder bath
  119. Bios password, ibm, dell password removing steps
  120. Searching data sheets of different ics
  121. Common problems of different motherboards
  122. Equipment/Tools used for Laptop Repairs
  123. Motherboard Voltage Regulator Circuit
  124. Hard Disk Repair
  125. How an image appears on the Lcd screen
  126. How I installed external Bluetooth adapter inside a laptop
  127. How To Bypass Windows 7 Logon Password In 3 Steps
  128. How To Fix Failed Nvidia Chip
  129. How to fix hardware problems without taking apart the Laptop
  130. How to replace battery cells inside laptop battery
  131. How to test a laptop or a desktop computer memory
  132. Steps to Hacking Dell Bios Password/li>
  133. Digital Multimeter
  134. Diagnostic card errar codes
  135. Bios Update
  136. Trace With C.R.O
  137. Hot Testing
  138. Golden Tips
  139. Clear All Doubts
  140. Expert Service Centre Class,

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